Gathercole, Patricia M.

Dr. Patricia Gathercole, Professor Emerita at Roanoke College, received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. She taught at the Universities of California, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Roanoke College. The recipient of numerous awards, many articles, and reviews, she also published several earlier works with The Edwin Mellen Press, Animals in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination, The Landscape of Nature in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination, The Depiction of Angels and Devils in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination, and The Depiction of Women in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination.

Animals in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination
1995 0-7734-8991-6
Medieval manuscript painting offers a rich storehouse of material for literary scholars. This volume concentrates on domestic and wild mammals, rather than on the birds and monsters which have been treated elsewhere. Eighteen sections deal concisely with bears, camels, cats, dogs, elephants, etc., in what sorts of manuscripts they are found, and how they are presented. In addition, there are an introduction, conclusion, bibliography, and seventeen black and white illustrations from the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, and a color frontispiece.

Depiction of Angels and Devils in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination
2004 0-7734-6423-9
This book examines the paintings of angels and devils by medieval French illuminators and discusses the manner in which they were depicted. With Illustrations.

Depiction of Architecture and Furniture in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination
2006 0-7734-5780-1
The architecture and furniture of the Middle Ages in France reflects the society of the time. Carolingian, Romanesque and Gothic styles will be shown in the illuminations on the manuscripts. There are illustrations on bibles, books of hours, gospel books and later on, romances of chivalry, chronicles and encyclopedic works. There will even be architectural frames around the miniatures. Included here is a consideration of homes, castles and palaces, studios, churches, monasteries and towns. The author describes and the reader will see interiors of main rooms, banquet halls and bedchambers. In regard to furniture, various pieces will be described and depicted in the manuscript paintings: footstools, chairs, thrones, tables, buffets, desks, chests and beds. The architectural styles of the period will influence the making of furniture. That is the reason why both architecture and furniture are viewed here together. There is a wealth of material available which is valuable to note for the history of mankind. Medieval scholars and people in general will find the book interesting and different. The book contains thirty-five illustrations, coming from manuscripts found in libraries of diverse parts of the world.

Depiction of Clothing in French Medieval Manuscripts
2008 0-7734-5014-9
This work presents an overall picture of French medieval clothing. The illustrations contained in the volume are invaluable in providing a striking view of this apparel, and all that it demonstrated and connoted by the wearer to its observer. This book contains one color photograph and twenty-five black and white photographs.

Depiction of Women in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination
2000 0-7734-7789-6
The third book in Dr. Gathercole’s studies in medieval French manuscript illuminations (Animals in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination and The Landscape of Nature in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination) the present work furnishes further historical documentation for comprehending the life of the times of the composition of the manuscript, an insight into medieval civilization, the role of women. Female costuming is well portrayed, many activities are shown. Among them are depicted ones especially from the upper classes, but also women of antiquity, goddesses, Lady Fortune, personified abstract qualities, the Virgin Mary, female saints, and other Biblical figures. Many of the illustrations found in this volume date from the 15th century, the height of manuscript illumination.

Landscape of Nature in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination
1997 0-7734-8539-2
This volume shows in more detail than ever before the fascinating portrayals of the landscape of nature on French codices from the Middle Ages. The illuminations, the text, and the folio borders often constitute a work of high quality. From an early stylized portrayal of natural phenomena, this work moves on to a more realistic portrayal as reality rather than tradition and authority prevail, showing the gradual development of early landscape painting. As well as benefiting the medieval scholar, this volume will also delight those who love the outdoors, and may serve in addition as a guide for the visitor to museums and galleries. It will be of interest to historians for its representation of the background for historical events, and to the literary scholar. It discusses subjects such as the painting of trees, mountains, flowers, seas, etc. The Arthurian manuscripts disclose a distinct beauty of scenery in their pictorial representations. Calendars associated with prayer books are especially valuable. With many photographs.