Gross, Pamela

About the author: Pamela Gross received her PhD in History from The State University of New York at Buffalo. She is currently Assistant Professor of History at Adams State College, Alamosa, Colorado.

Jane, the Quene, Third Consort of King Henry VIII
1999 0-7734-8204-0
This is the first single volume to concentrate solely on Jane Seymour, her family, her rise to favor against the Boleyn/Howard factions at court, the politics, religion and Queen's Household, and her ultimate triumph as queen and mother of Henry's long-sought heir. Presents a historiography of the queen from her own time to the present. Many illustrations. "With the trend of films and television to nowadays twist ‘History' to fit the drama , we now have a benchmark to judge past and future efforts. My congratulations go to the author who has persevered in finding the facts from hidden records, so many others of which have, regrettably, been lost over the intervening centuries. She has then assembled them into a very readable and lively account which I commend." – from the Foreword by His Grace, the Duke of Somerset (descendent of the Seymour family) ". . . a treatise which reflects the result of superb scholarship and difficult historical research. . . . Its subject has hitherto been almost invisible in serious literature because her life was inaccessible to straightforward historical research techniques. . . . Professor Gross has spent years slowly removing the shroud of anonymity surrounding Seymour. The result is an important scholarly work that traces the personal impact of Jane Seymour as well as the influence of the Seymour lineage exerted in the future of the monarchy. . . . the reader will be treated to solid research and delightful writing. From the hallmark quote setting the stage for each chapter to the commendable research that reveals for the first time an important, but previously obscure, historical figure, Jane the Quene is worthy of the close attention of serious scholars.." – J. Thomas Gilmore, president, Adams State College

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