Gay-White, Pamela

Dr. Pamela Gay-White is Associate Professor of French at Alabama State University. She completed her Ph.D. at Louisiana State University and has authored numerous articles on the intersection of opera and literature during the late-Enlightenment. Currently she teaches interdisciplinary courses on the musical works of Rousseau and on the history and aftermath of the Haitian Revolution. She is author of Bejart and Modernism: Case Studies in the Archetype of Dance (2006) and has published and lectured on the performing arts in Europe and The United States."

OPERA LIBRETTI OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY: Essays on the Libretto as Enlightenment Text
2015 1-4955-0300-3
This work of essays explores and interrogates the libretto’s role as revolutionary genre during the Enlightenment and mise en abime of linguistic liberation, while focusing on specific ways its evolution reflected Enlightenment thought on the nature of music, text, and the individual. Especially, welcome are explorations of texts by Diderot and Rousseau, as well as topics addressing readership of libretti, influence on musical performance, and theoretical strategies challenging conventional concepts of representation.

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