Soltes, Ori Z.

Dr. Ori Z. Soltes is Professorial Lecturer in Theology and Fine Arts at Georgetown University.

Problem of Plato's Cratylus
2007 0-7734-5425-X
This works seeks to force classical scholars to think further and differently about the Cratylus and its importance in Plato’s corpus, as well as to open the eyes of scholars working on Wittgenstein, Barthes and Derrida regarding the debt they owe to that dialogue. The study begins by assessing Plato’s role in the developing consciousness, among Greek thinkers, of “language” as an entity for study, while also exploring the more specific issue of Plato’s part in developing formal grammatical awareness and terminology. Further, the work considers Plato’s concern as exemplified by the Cratylus for the reliability of language as an instrument of philosophy. Since philosophy in Plato’s mind is centered on seeking Truth and pursuing an ethical life the Cratylus focuses on how effective words are for seeking truth and defining ethics.

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