Tobias, Norman

Dr. Norman Tobias is Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He received his Ph.D. in Ancient, Byzantine and Medieval History from Rutgers University.

BASIL I, FOUNDER OF THE MACEDONIAN DYNASTY: A Study of the Political and Military History of the Byzantine Empire in the Ninth Century
2007 0-7734-5405-5
Provides a re-examination of the life and accomplishments of Emperor Basil the First (811 - 886) who reigned as sole ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire from 867-886 and established a dynasty that endured for nearly two centuries. Since the publication of Albert Vogt’s, the distinguished French Byzantinist, Basile I'er empereur de Byzance et la civilization à la fin du IXe siècle in 1908, the work has served as the standard reference to the founder of the Macedonian dynasty. However, since that time the scholarly depiction of the ninth century has been altered and illuminated by advances in research and more recent discoveries. The work provides a much needed and long overdue re-examination of this Byzantine emperor.

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