Rescher, Nicholas

About the author: Nicholas Rescher is University Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh where he also served for many years as Director of the Center for Philosophy of Science. He is a former president of the American Philosophical Association, and president-elect of the American Catholic Philosophical Association. An honorary member of Corpus Christi, Oxford, he has been elected to membership in the European Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Institut International de Philosophie, and several other learned academies. Having held visiting lectureships at Oxford, Constance, Salamanca, Munich, and Marburg, Professor Rescher has received six honorary degrees from universities on three continents. Author of more than ninety works ranging over many areas of philosophy, over a dozen of them translated into other languages, he was awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Prize for Humanistic Scholarship in 1984.

Ethical Considerations. Basic Issues in Moral Philosophy
2015 1-4955-0279-1
The present book is a further contribution to the ageless and ongoing discussion about basic philosophical problems such as the nature of ethical standards, and grounds of moral objectivity, and prospects of moral progress from eminent philosopher and well-known author, Nicholas Rescher. He examines a group of classic philosophical issues, relevant to this present age of moral ambiguity, and shares his reflections and opinions with his usual captivating analysis.

Rationality in Pragmatic Perspective
2003 0-7734-6792-0
This book presents variations on a common theme: the centrality of functional and thereby pragmatic considerations for the theory of knowledge. It seeks to expound and substantiate the epistemic pragmatism that has long characterized the author’s work, with its central aim of showing that (and how) validation in the cognitive realm is ultimately dependent on the application of knowledge in matters of practice.