Anderson, Neil

About the author: Dr. Neil D. Anderson received his PhD in Theological and Religious Studies from Drew University. He is currently Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology at Asbury College, Kentucky.

Definitive Study of Evidence Concerning John Wesley’s Appropriation of the Thought of Clement of Alexandria
2004 0-7734-6559-6
This study advances the field of Wesley studies, particularly in regard to the ongoing discussion of Wesley’s theological sources. It undertakes a detailed investigation of single ante-Nicene writer’s possible influence, Clement of Alexandria, as giving inspired him to write a tract that in many ways defined the Methodist movement, Character of a Methodist (1742). It also provides additional evidence, both textual and conceptual, of an appropriation of Clement’s thought by Wesley. It contributes to the broader field of systematic theology by showing how an essential Christian doctrine – in this case Christian perfection of sanctification – may develop over time without diminution or fundamental change.

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