El-Gack, Nawal

Dr. Nawal El-Gack is an Assistant Professor in International Studies at the University of Canberra. Nawal holds a Ph.D. in Development Studies from Massey University.

Rural Development and Microfinance Projects in Sudan: With Special Attention to Community Participation
2012 0-7734-3075-X
This book examines the development efforts and analyses the experiences of rural development and microfinance initiatives at grassroots levels in Sudan. It exploers the very nature of development interventions regarding participatory development projects; and the outcomes concerning these interventions. Hence a major focus of the books is the elaboration of factors that influence people's participation in large scale loan-based projects.
The book contributes to knowledge and adds fuel to the debate surrounding the theories and practices of participatory development, by offering firsthand reflections and ideas from development practitioners and primary stakeholders. Furthermore the study examines the role of development providers, professionals, community organizations and analyses perceptions and practices surrounding gender issues and indigenous knowledge. Resultantly, the book suggests that designing successful participatory development projects require indepth knowledge of local settings and the support of accountable community organizations which represent diverse interest groups. The book is a vital resource for development planners, practitioners and postgraduates representing the forefront of research in development studies.

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