Yamagata, Naoko

Dr. Naoko Yamagata is Senior Lecturer in Classical Studies at The Open University. She studied at International Christian University, Tokyo (BA in Classics), the University of Tsukuba (MA in Classics), and received her PhD in Classics from the University College London. Her research interests centres on Homes, including comparative studies on Homer and the Tale of the Heike and Homer’s reception in Plato. Her publications include Homeric Morality, Leiden (1994) and ‘Use of Homeric References in Plato and Xenophon’, Classical Quarterly 62 (2012) 139-144

New Interpretation of Sophocles' oedipus Tyrannus: in the Light and Darkness of Apollo
2014 0-7734-0057-5
This unique and fresh interpretation of an enigmatic classic provides a better understanding of the play’s religious and political undertones with an innovative and focused examination which proposes an earlier recognition than previously assumed of the whole truth by Jocasta. This will become an indispensable reference book for Classical scholars in this first ever English translation.

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