Norris, Nanette

Nanette Norris is an Associate Professor of English at the Royal Military College St-Jean. She is the co-editor (with Colette Balmain) of Uneasy Humanity: Perpetual Wrestling with Evils and the author of The Classical Divide: Imagination and Rationality.

Unionist Popular Culture and Rolls of Honour in the North of Ireland: A Collection of Diverse Essays in Popular Culture
2012 0-7734-1501-7
Nanette Norris is the editor of this collection of ten essays on popular culture. The essays cover a vast track of time during the twentieth century and are a sampling of current scholarship on Ireland. The collection uses cultural, historical, and economic contextualization to analyze its consumption. The essays are united in their attempt to use hindsight to explain the influence of popular culture depicting iconic images in film, television, music, and even comic books.

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