Hodson, Millicent

Nijinsky's Bloomsbury Ballet: Reconstruction of Dance and Design for Jeux
2023 1-4955-1159-6
This book is meant to share something of the creative efforts and results involved in reconstruction Vaslav Nijinsky's second ballet, Jeux, choreographed in 1913 to a commissioned score by Claude Debussy with designs and costumes by Leon Bakst. ...The book as a whole attempts to document the reconstructed choreography of Jeux. While it is impossible to record every decision and all the reasons for each one, I have tried to demonstrate the modus operandi for giving material form to a dance legend. -Millicent Hodson (Preface) This book was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2008.

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Nijinsky's Crime Against Grace: Reconstruction Score of the Original Choreography for Le Sacre du Printemps
2023 1-4955-1166-9
For more than seven decades historians regarded "Le Sacre du Printemps" as the lost masterpiece of 20th century choreography. Despite this reputation, or perhaps because of it, no attempt was made to reconstruct the original dance during the lifetime of the choreographer. As well known as the music by Igor Stravinsky has become, relatively few people realized, until the 1987 reconstruction of this ballet, that it was first choreographed by the celebrated dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky." -Millicent Hodson [Preface]

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