Palmiotto, Michael J.

Dr. Michael J. Palmiotto, Ph.D. is Professor of Criminal Justice in the School of Community Affairs at Wichita State University. He has worked as a police officer in New York State and is the past Director of a Police Training Academy and Criminal Justice program. He holds a masters degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh. His law enforcement interest includes human rights, criminal investigation, fraud, community policing and police misconduct. He has numerous articles published and ten books on policing—Community Policing, Criminal Investigation and Police Misconduct. He currently serves as a researcher for the Wichita Crime Commission.

Policing in Canada, India, Germany, Australia, Finland, and New Zealand: A Comparative Research Study
2005 0-7734-6037-3
A study of policing in six countries. These countries have some similarities but to a great extent are different. Several of these countries, India, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada have been influenced by the English approach to policing. Countries that were once colonies of the British Empire adopted the traditions and expectations of the British. Although these countries came under British rule there were differences in their culture and value system that were not eliminated by the British.

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