Brands, Michael

Michael Brands holds a Ph.D. in Bible from Luther Seminary (St Paul, MN), an M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a B.A. in Cultural Studies. Dr. Brands’ service has included teaching at Bethel University and Augsburg College (in Minneapolis – St Paul, MN). He has also taught in churches, international settings, and a university Christian studies institute. His teaching topics include Jesus’ mission, biblical theology, and faith and culture.
Dr. Brands has sought to integrate scholarship with various ministry activities, including serving as pastor of a center-city multiethnic congregation in Los Angeles, through intercultural service in Ukraine, India, and Estonia, and with a university campus community in Minneapolis, MN. He and his wife, Pamela, also co-direct, The Word Alive!, a para-church endeavor seeking to share Jesus’ mission, biblical vision, and prayer ministry, in intercultural settings and for personal and cultural renewal.

THE LIFE AND MINISTRY OF JESUS AS ENACTMENT OF THE GREAT COMMISSION: A New Proposal for Interpreting Matthew 28:16-20 in Light of Matthew’s Gospel
2015 1-4955-0333-X
This stimulating book fills a lacuna in New Testament studies on the interpretation of the missional paradigm of the “Great Commission” by energizing an interdisciplinary dialogue and fresh inquiry into the passage, it’s biblical theology, it’s missiological theory and it’s contemporary cultural perspective which are deeply rooted in Jesus’ mission and His vision for the coming kingdom of God.

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