Balfour, Michael

About the author: Dr. Michael Balfour received his PhD in Theatre Studies from the University of Lancaster, United Kingdom. He is Head of the BA in Drama, Theatre and Television Studies at King Alfred’s University College, Winchester. He is past director of the award-winning Theatre in Prisons and Probation (TIPP) Centre in the UK, where he devised new drama-based projects and productions in prison and probation in UK, Europe and Brazil, and trained over 250 criminal justice workers in drama in group work skills. He has written for the Theatre Journal, Probation Journal, Research in Drama Education, and contributed a chapter to Prison Theatre: Practices and Perspectives, edited by James Thompson.

Use of Drama in the Rehabilitation of Violent Male Offenders
2003 0-7734-6849-8
This study examines male criminal violence; its causes and explanations; and how creative drama-based criminal justice programs can respond to working with violent men. It will serve as a guide to innovative creative arts work in criminal justice settings, as a discussion of research methods, and as a series of recommendations for professional practice. It provides practical examples of how theory, empirical research and multi-disciplinary professional practice can be integrated to develop more innovative creative responses to male violence. Drawing on five years of programme experience with offenders, five sections provide step-by-step instruction on how to use drama based interventions in programmes dealing with violent behavior. It will interest scholars and practitioners in the fields of criminology and criminal justices, arts therapies, psychology, and the performing arts.

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