Berg, Mary G

Dr. Mary G. Berg is a Resident Scholar at Brandeis University’s Women Studies Research Center, and teaches Spanish translation at Harvard Extension. Her recent translations include volumes of poetry by Clara Ronderos, Seasons of Exile (2014), Antonio Machado, Carlota Caulfield, Juan Ramón Jiménez, and fiction by Laidi Fernández, Olga Orozco, and many others.

Poetry of Clara Eugenia Ronderos Seasons of Exile (estaciones En Exilio)
2015 1-4955-0284-8
“This collection represents search for the past and an intellectual and sensual awareness of being in the present... Ronderos is a poet of utmost skill and sensitivity… The translations by Berg and Ronderos capture with expertise and artistry the sounds, images and ideas of the original Spanish wonderfully.” –Eileen Mary O’Connor, Professor of Spanish and English, Lesley University

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