Blochowiak, Mary Ann

Ms. Blochwiak received her M.A. in History, Southwestern Studies from the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond. From 1988- 2005 she worked in the Publications Division of the Oklahoma Historical Society where she also served division director and editor of The Chronicles of Oklahoma, the Society’s history journal.

A Documentary Description of Health, Medicine, Disease, and Crime in Late Nineteenth-Century America
2009 0-7734-3830-0
This book is an edited compilation of selected primary source documents (articles, reports, letters, court cases, speeches, newspaper accounts, governmental findings, and excerpts from memoirs and contemporary books) pertaining to health, medicine, medical education, disease, crime, and related areas in the United States from 1860 to the early years of the twentieth century. Due to early-twenty-first century interests in American health, diet, alcoholism, vaccinations, contagious diseases, and treatments, readers should find especially helpful an understanding of how an earlier generation of Americans coped with some of the same issues during a crucial period in the development of the foundations of modem America.

Price: $339.95

Contemporary Observations of American Religion in the 1870s: Pulpits and Polemics
2008 0-7734-5134-X
This compilation of documents highlighting American religion in the 1870s offers insights into various denominations, issues, controversies, dogmas, and practices in the post-Civil War period. Included in the work are properly introduced sermons, letters, articles, church doctrines, speeches, writings, and other contemporary material.

Price: $319.95

Documents on the Status of Native Americans in the Late Nineteenth Century
2008 0-7734-5089-0
This work, with its boundless assortment of valuable primary source documents, offers both insights and challenges to understanding the complexities of Native American life. Among the issues addressed in this volume are treaty negotiations, court cases, Western Indian uprisings, the passage of the General Allotment (Dawes) Act, Christian Missionary activity, and the formation of the Indian Rights Association.

Price: $379.95