Heller, Marvin J.

Translation of Dizionario Storico Degli Autori Ebrei E Delle Loro Opere / Dictionary of Hebrew Authors
1999 0-7734-7900-7
Giovanni Bernardo de Rossi’s Dictionary is one of the gems of Hebrew bibliography. It is a bio-bibliographical work on approximately 700 Hebrew authors and their books by an authority on the Hebrew book. De Rossi’s listings are augmented by considerable information and insights over a wide spectrum of Hebrew literature. De Rossi’s work also informs as to translations and the reception of Hebrew books in the surrounding non-Jewish society. First published in Italian in 1802, it was translated into German in 1839 and republished with an index in 1846. This edition is based on the English translation prepared by Mayer Sulzberger (1843-1923) which was never previously published in book form, but serialized in 24 issues of the Occidental from 1867-1869. It is written in an engaging style, and will certainly be of value to libraries, bibliographers, historians, and collectors of Hebraica and Judaica, as well as anyone interested in Jewish history or literature.

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