Green, Martin

Biography of John Buchan and His Sister Anna the Personal Background of Their Literary Work
1990 0-88946-945-8
Explores the interrelatedness of the lives and work of John and Anna Buchan, both gifted writers whose writings crystallized a certain range of values and served a passion for the idea of Britain and the British Empire.

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Homage to Dafydd Ap Gwilym
1993 0-7734-9318-2
This collection of twenty-three poems translated into English verse reflects the wit and humour as well as the versatility of this great Welsh poet. He was a master of both the Welsh language and the prosody of his time, remarkable for the number of poems he wrote on nature and love.

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Otto Gross, Freudian Psychoanalyst, 1877-1920 Literature and Ideas
1999 0-7734-8164-8
Otto Gross was one of the most famous – and controversial – Freudian analysts of the first decade of the 20th century. Highly praised by Freud and also a patient and friend of C. H. Jung, he was rejected from the movement because he wanted to adapt psychoanalysis to function as a philosophy of revolution. He had a strong influence on other analysts and was a famous anarchist belonging to radical cultural groups. He was also the center of sexual scandals, for employing orgiastic forms of therapy, and for giving poison to deeply depressed women patients, who used it to commit suicide. His father, Hans Gross, was famous as the man who introduced criminology in the Austro-Hungarian empire. Father and son were close collaborators in Otto's early years, but later the father tried to get him confined in a mental institution, and finally had him examined by state doctors who declared him insane and incapable of managing his own affairs. His influence on his contemporaries included Max and Alfred Weber, Frieda von Richtofen (later Frieda Lawrence), and her sister Else, and the young Jewish writers of Prague, including Franz Werfel, Franz Kafka, and Max Brod.

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