Gant, Mark

Dr. Mark Gant obtained his Ph.D at the University of Exeter and his dissertation studied the works of Carlos Frontaura. In 2000 he joined the University of Chester where he is currently a Senior Lecturer in Spanish.

Spanish Writer and Publisher Carlos Frontaura (1834-1910): A Study of His Social Influence and Ideology
2012 0-7734-2655-8
Gant’s book takes a careful look at the 19th century Spanish writer and publisher, Carlos Frontaura. According to Gant, it is wrong to consider Frontaura a second tier author, because his work was much more aligned with the politics and social opinions of the time period in which he lived. His work on religion, women, class and money, as well as politics cannot be undervalued as integral parts of Spanish life in the 19th century. This study addresses a gap in scholarship due to the lack of work devoted to Frontaura. Because of the availability of digital editions of his work and periodicals edited by him an extended discussion of his writings has become possible. His work during the 1868 Revolution prior to the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy brought him into prominence and elevated him to being quite influential on the period’s social and political conscience.
Carlos Frontaura is familiar to many scholars of nineteenth century Spain but he has been the subject of relatively little research despite his wide-ranging literary activities and contemporary importance. Until recently, Frontaura has been doubly neglected as both a secondary and a more ideologically conservative figure. This study addresses this gap in the light of increased academic interest and the availability of digital editions of his work and periodicals edited by him and it provides a reference point for future readers and scholars alike.

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