Brown, Marion A.

About the author: Dr. Brown received her PhD in History from the University of Cincinnati. She is currently Professor of History at OMI College of Applied Science at the University of Cincinnati.

Second Bank of the United States and Ohio (1803-1860). A Collision of Interests
1998 0-7734-8354-3
During its existence from 1816 to 1836, the Second Bank of the United States engendered controversy. Chartered to serve as the national government's fiscal agent, this private stock corporation soon came into conflict with those Americans who feared its potential power to undermine their freedom. This study examines the experience of Ohioans with the branch banks of the BUS in Ohio. Using state-level documents and incorporating papers from BUS leadership, this study adds to understanding the complex nature of early 19th century banking. “The study breaks new ground in two ways. First, with a broad time frame, the book considers Ohio’s banking history from its territorial period to the Civil War; and second, it provides much greater detail on the BUS branches in Ohio. . . . Brown’s use of sources ably suppers her study of the BUS from both the national and local perspective. . . . Based on this rich variety of source material, Brown builds an effective analysis of the tempestuous relationship between the BUS and the state of Ohio.” – The Annals of Iowa

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