Colavito, Maria M.

Heresy of Oedipus and the Mind/ Mind Split. A Study of the Biocultural Origins of Civilization
1995 0-7734-8854-5
The nature/nurture controversy, sometimes known as the evolution/environment controversy, seems to have trickled down into the information systems of the vernacular world as an unfortunate rift between duelling scholarly camps. The Biocultural Paradigm is offered as a model that transcends both camps, by recognizing the neuro-biological origins of human development and by delineating exactly how and when sociological influences can and cannot affect those neuro-biological invariants. The Biocultural Paradigm is established by using existing discoveries in evolutionary neuro-biology and Selection Theory. It is composed of five proto-cultural models ("biocultures") which correspond to the five evolutionary centers of our neurological structures.

Price: $199.95

A New Interpretation
1989 0-88946-398-0
The first study uncovering Pythagorean epistemology as the intertext of Ovid's masterpiece. Creates a completely new interpretation of this classic and its author.

Price: $159.95