del Valle, María Jesús González

About the author: María Jesús González del Valle received her PhD from the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. She taught Spanish, and helped set up the Centre for the Teaching of English as a Foreign language at Queen’s University, Belfast. She currently teaches at the University of Ulster.

Una ComparaciÓn De Tres Traducciones Al InglÉs De La Familia De Pascual Duarte De Camilo JosÉ Cela/ a Comparison of Three English Translations of Camilo JosÉ Cela’s La Familia De Pascual Duarte
2002 0-7734-7319-X
This book examines three translations of Cela’s La familia de Pascual Duarte (those of J. Marks, A. Kerrigan and H. Briffault), grouping them around the morphological, syntactic, textual, semantic and stylistic levels. In Spanish. “. . . . analyses in full detail the various types of translation rendered by each author, from crass errors to closer approximations to the original. She concentrates on the analysis of single sentences or isolated words examining the problems facing the translator and some of the different ways in which they may be overcome. She is both thorough and extremely sensitive to the nuances of usage in both languages and demonstrates a feeling for and a delight in the treatment and potentialities of translation, illustrating the richness and vigour that pervade the varieties she contrasts and describes. . . . This excellent book which explores many significant aspects of translation, will be of particular interest and value to those interested in comparative translation and particularly useful to teachers and advanced learners of English and Spanish as a foreign language. The work is intelligent, scholarly, carefully executed and well written, in sum, a good and important contribution to the art of translation.” – Gudelia J. Rodríguez “. . . del Valle’s research on the translations of Camilo Jose Cela’s novels into English is an excellent work, which allows a better knowledge of the Spanish writer through the linguistic analysis of his writing, at the same time, going deep in the problems of contrastive grammar, of translation in general and of Cela’s novels in particular.” – Feliciano P. Varas

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