Brand, Manny

Dr. Manny Brand is Professor and Head of the Department of Music at Hong Kong Baptist University. An active researcher in music education, he has published over 100 articles and papers on a variety of topics dealing with music teacher education. Dr. Brand has held memberships on the editorial boards of Music Educators Journal, Journal of Research in Music Education, Asia-Pacific Journal for Arts Education, and the Bulletin for the Council of Research in Music Education. He has also served as the editor and senior consulting editor of the Quarterly Journal of Music Teaching and Learning.

Teaching of Music in Nine Asian Nations
2006 0-7734-5871-9
Feeling dismayed instead of inspired by much of the traditional professional scholarly literature in music education, the author undertook what he called a “music teacher journey,” a music education adventure and discovery from an exotic perspective. The result is this narrative research based on meeting and observing fascinating and unusual music teachers throughout China, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

This work encourages music education majors and assists them in embracing, often for the first time, the possibilities, pleasures, and promises of a life of music teaching. Within a uniquely multi-cultural perspective, this text offers inspiration and ideals to help motivate and sustain the beginning music teacher and to assist the experienced music teacher in recapturing an enthusiasm for a life-long career of challenges, difficulties, and joys of music teaching. Scholars in music education have, at last, a splendid model of narrative research offering a penetrating analysis of music teaching and an insightful understanding of the music teacher’s beliefs, role, and contribution to humanity.

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