Al-Rasheed, Madawi

Madawi Al-Rasheed is lecturer in Social Anthropology at King’s College, University of London. Previously she was Research fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford. She has written on tribal society in the Middle East, Arab migration, narratives of history and identity, and Islam. Her publications include Politics in an Arabian Oasis (I. B. Tauris 1991) and Saudi Arabia: History, State and Society (CUP forthcoming).

Iraqi Assyrian Christians in London, the Construction of Ethnicity
1998 0-7734-8251-2
Based on an in-depth study of one of the oldest Middle Eastern immigrant communities in London, the Assyrians are a minority within the London Iraqi minority and such represent an interesting case of an ethnic group trying construct their difference in the host society. This volume examines previous literature on ethnicity and its revival, challenging established perceptions of the concept. Assyrian ethnicity is a process which involves the production of narratives defining themselves as people and a set of strategies enforcing this definition.

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