Patsouras, Louis

Challenging Social Injustice Essays on Socialism and the Devaluation of the Human Spirit
1993 0-7734-9369-7
Six scholars address significant issues: the good society (Louis Patsouras, Timoux Thomas); welfare (Donald Hartley); gender relations (Sharon Carson); prison reform (Russell Ensign); and perestroika (Howard Parsons). Two inextricable common threads running through each essay are a profound concern for the quality of human life, and a recognition of the significance of human spirit. While they do not prescribe lofty answers for complex social problems, the authors do call into question both the ends and the means of improving the human condition.

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Debating Marx
1994 0-7734-1934-9
This volume of five articles continues the endless debate on the virtues and faults of Marx. It presents an appropriate background of Marx's socialist activity and thought, but also focuses on the degree to which Marx was a democrat, civil libertarian, egalitarian and enemy of bureaucracy on the one hand, and authoritarian/totalitarian on the other. Includes articles by Loyd D. Easton, Morris Slavin, James Lawler, Paul Kurtz, and Louis Patsouras.

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Essays on Socialism
1992 0-7734-9911-3
An anthology not only on representative figures of the major socialst streams, but also on various problems of socialism. Section one, on Utopian Socialism, has a sterling article by Dr. Easton, entitled Economic Democracy in Ohio's Owenite and Fourierist Communities. The second section concentrates on anarchism/syndicalism; third section is on Marxism/Communism; fourth on Democratic Socialism; fifth on Socialism's close ties to religion; and six deals with various problems of socialism.

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Simone Weil and the Socialist Tradition
1991 0-7734-9913-X
This is a textual examination of Weil's works which the author relates to classic marxism and anarchism. Discusses Weil's critique of worker misery/alienation, imperialism, and the social systems of capitalism, its Nazi variant, and Soviet Communism.

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