Frerer, Lloyd Anton

About the author: Dr. Frerer received his PhD in Dramatic Arts from the University of Iowa. He is currently Professor of Communication, Fort Hays State University, Kansas. He has written many articles, reviews, and a textbook.

Bronson Howard - Dean of American Dramatists
2001 0-7734-7667-9
Between 1842 and 1908, Bronson Howard wrote 27 plays which appeared under 39 different titles, and had opening nights in New York, London, and Berlin. By the 1890s, Howard was recognized both here and abroad as the Dean of American Dramatists. This study is both historical biography and critical analysis of the literature, concluding with an attempt to place his work in critical perspective both in terms of his own era and ours. In addition to his best-known play, the often-anthologized Civil War spectacle Shenandoah, it examines his other works such as Saratoga, Young Mrs. Winthrop, One of Our Girls, and The Henrietta.

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