Bertrand, Lisa Ann McClard

Dr. Lisa Ann McClard Bertrand is Assistant Professor of Educational Administration at Southeast Missouri State University. She received her Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Stephen F. Austin State University. Dr. Bertrand coordinates the Master in Educational Administration program and has been the instructor for Methods of Research, Supervision and Administration of Special Education, and the Internship for Elementary School Administration.

Impact of the Texas State Accountability System on Classroom Practices
2006 0-7734-5915-4
This study examined the impact of the Texas state accountability system on classroom practices from the perspectives of teachers in grades three through five in one selected elementary school. Additionally, this study sought to determine the practices used to increase student achievement in the selected school. Using the case study qualitative method, the experiences of nine participants were collected and analyzed. Using within-grade analysis, narratives of the teachers were developed to document their perceptions. Cross-grade analysis was then used to determine emergent themes. The themes that emerged relative to the impact of the state accountability system include commitment to high goals, instructional delivery of curriculum and assessment of skills, pressure and responsibility, and professional development. Relative to the practices used to increase student achievement, the following themes emerged: collaborative teams, continuous learning, data/results oriented, resources used to support teaching and learning, learner-centered instruction, and shared vision and beliefs.

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