Si, Li

Dr. Si Li holds a Ph.D. from Wuhan University in natural Religion. He teaches American literature in the School of Foreign Studies, issues in Ethics and other public humanity courses at Wuhan University of Technology.

THE POETIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHINESE POET HAIZI (1964-1989): A Case Study of Changing Aesthetic Sensibilities in Modern China
2016 1-4955-0478-6
Applying the literary tool of religious and cultural comparison into the biographical and textual events, this study blazes the trail for appreciating Haizi and his poetry from a totally different perspective than the present criticism. Dr. Li examines the biographical facts, reconstructs Haizi’s mysticism as an epistemological endeavor, reinterprets his oeuvre to position him properly in contemporary Chinese poetry and comes to the conclusion that being a Christian mystic is what makes Haizi who he is.

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