Taylor, Leslie A. and Jefferey H.

Dr. Jefferey H. Taylor is Associate Professor of English at Metropolitan State College of Denver. He received his Ph.D. in English from Southern Illinois University. Much of his research involves applying the Grid/Group theory of the anthropologist Mary Douglas to literature and rhetoric. He is also involved in a project undertaken by the International Boethius Society to catalog and analyze the many translations of Boethius’ Consolatio. Dr. Leslie A. Taylor is a Manager of the Humanities at the Princeton Review and was an English Lecturer at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She received her Ph.D. in English from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

The Influence of Boethius' De Consolatione Philosophiae on John Milton's
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Makes a compelling case for solving problems in Paradise Lost. Emphasis is well founded on Boethian providence from which flows the radiant seeing of God’s awareness of, and concern of, the world. The loving watchfulness of the Divine Vistion does not pre-determine good and bad decisions. God’s providence is ameliorative. Milton relies on the optimism of the “Consolation of Philosophy” in his usage of divine providence in foreknowing but not necessitating human choices.

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