Yacher, Leon I.

Leon I. Yacher is Professor and Chairman of the Geography Department at Southern Connecticut University. He has traveled in every continent and recently completed a Fulbright to the Kyrgyz Republic. His work on Pittier is part of a larger project dealing with the contributions made by Latin American geographers. Dr. Yacher has published on a number of topics including Latin America, Connecticut and Central Asia.

Role of Geographer and Natural Scientist Henri François Pittier (1857-1950) in the Evolution of Geography as a Science in Costa Rica
2004 0-7734-6338-0
Swiss born Henri François Pittier played a central role in the evolution of geography as a science in Costa Rica. By the end of his life, Pittier had published over 300 papers, several monographs and books in various languages in three continents on a wide variety of subjects including geography, botany, forestry, archeology, ethnography, linguistics, geology, and climatology.

Pittier has been overlooked as a geographer. This work traces the development of Pittier as a man and scholar, and it evaluates his role and impact in the development of geography in Costa Rica. It assesses Pittier’s place in the history of geography in Costa Rica and Latin America, a research topic largely neglected. This work relies heavily on primary documents never seen before, including correspondence written by and to Pittier over a 70 year period.

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