Gibbs, Lee W.

Dr. Lee Gibbs is a Professor Emeritus in the Dept. of Religious Studies at Cleveland State University. He received his Th.D. in Religion from Harvard University.

Four Calvinist Thinkers: John Calvin, William Ames, Richard Hooker, and Charles Chauncy
2024 1-4955-1191- x
"It may be discerned through the proceeding parts of this book my own spiritual pilgrimage from hard line double predestination to potential universal salvation through the metamorphoses of Calfinist thinking as reflected in my life-long research into the writings of Calvin, and three other great theologians--William Ames, Richard Hooker, and Charles Chauncy--who were all heavily influence by Calvin. The discussion of each of these figures addresses each of the following questions: (1) How much of Calvin did they change? (2) How much of Calvin did they retain? (3) What difference did it make?" -from The Author's "Preface"

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2012 0-7734-2618-3
A spiritual biography of Charles Chauncy which, for the first time, provides an alternative and balanced view of his theology and life.

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The Philosophical and Theological Treatises of William Ames
2013 0-7734-4324-X
This volume is a translation from Latin into English of some of the most important shorter philosophical and theological treatises of the English Puritan, William Ames (1575-1633), better known in Europe by his Latin name, Guilielmus Amesius and justifiably called “the spiritual father of the New England churches.”

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