Stoffel, Lawrence F.

Dr. Lawrence F. Stoffel is Director of Bands at California State University, Northridge. As Associate Professor in Music, he teaches courses in music education and conducting. Dr. Stoffel also conducts the internationally-recognized Wind Ensemble and the Wind Symphony.

Discography of Concert Band Recordings on Compact Disc
2006 0-7734-5829-8
This study comprises two major components – (1) an annotated discography of 73 concert band/wind ensemble compositions, and (2) interviews with leading conductors who have recorded concert band music on audio compact discs. A complete annotation for each recording identified provides thorough catalog information, including contents, performer, producer, and date. Only recordings that are readily available to consumers are included in this catalog. The discography lists a total of 342 albums. The subjects of the interviews are four conductors who were selected for having produced many recordings of concert band music

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