Casler, Lawrence

Dr. Casler received undergraduate degrees from Harvard, and his PhD from Columbia University. He is Professor Emeritus from the Department of Psychology, State University College at Geneseo, NY. He is the author of four previous books, and many articles, reviews, and stories.

Symphonic Program Music and Its Literary Sources Book 1: Avshalomov-Johansen
2001 0-7734-7489-7
This encyclopedic survey will serve as an indispensable reference for scholars and students interested in relationships between music and literature. After an extensive introduction that includes a history of program music and a discussion of the aesthetic issues peculiar to this genre, the book provides brief analyses of approximately 260 pieces of orchestral program music based on specific literary sources. Each entry consists of three sections: an account of relevant aspects of the composer’s life, an account of relevant aspects of the author’s life, and an account of the relationships between the music and the literary source. Appropriate musical quotations are used to illustrate these relationships. Up to the cut-off point of 1950, the discussions cover virtually every work that is likely to be encountered on recordings or in concert halls. Because of the book’s user-friendly format, the reader/listener can quickly locate each musical or literary work.

Symphonic Program Music and Its Literary Sources: Book 2: Kalinnikov-Zemlinsky
2001 0-7734-7491-9
This is a text of great importance and achievement, and is indispensable to all lay music lovers, professional musicians (conductors in particular), scholars, libraries, artist and repertory directors, classical radio programmers, and all who appreciate music and literature.” – Peter Bay, Music Director, Austin Symphony Orchestra