Kortmulder, Koenraad

Dr. Koenraad Kortmulder taught ethology at Leiden University through 40 years. Author of “Play and Evolution” (Utrecht, 1998) and scientific articles on fish behavior, theoretical ethology, incest avoidance and tederheid.

Agonic and Hedonic Styles of Social Behaviour
2005 0-7734-6201-5
Michael Chance created the concept of two modes of social interaction, agonic and hedonic. The one based upon threat, power and anxiety; the other on playful catching of attention and prestige. Whereas the rhesus macaque’s social system in mainly agonic, chimpanzees are capable of hedonic social relationships. The book has been written by two biologists who both have a broad interest in human behavior and the social sciences. They have favoured a non-specialist style, so as to make the book readable by educated laymen and graduate students as well as scientists working in the biological, psychological and sociological disciplines.

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