Tsuchiya, Kiyoshi

About the author: Dr. Tsuchiya was born in Takata, Japan. He received his PhD from the Centre for the Study of Literature and Theology, Glasgow University. He is currently Deputy Director of the Centre, and lecturer in Eastern and Comparative Religion and Philosophy.

The Mirror Metaphor and Coleridge’s Mysticism Poetics: Metaphysics and the Formation of the Pentad
2000 0-7734-7548-6
This study treats Coleridge’s thinking as an integral whole and follows in detail the chronological development of Coleridge’s quest. It begins with placing modern subjectivity within the history of the mirror metaphor, that here represents mysticism in the West from antiquity to modernity, then analyses Coleridge’s encounter with the metaphor and traces his lifelong engagement with it that culminates in the formation of the Pentad. It discusses his early poems and poetics, his reading and rewriting of Kant, his own transcendentalism seen in Biographia Literaria and Aids to Reflection. It them briefly compares Coleridge’s mirror metaphor with two contemporary mirror metaphors by Lacan and Rorty.

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