Schutte, Kimberly

About the author: Kimberly Schutte is a member of the Adjunct faculty in the Department of History, Philosophy, and Geography at Missouri Western State College.

Biography of Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox (1515-1578) Niece of Henry VIII and Mother-In-Law of Mary Queen of Scots
2002 0-7734-7199-5
Despite heavy academic interest in the Tudor period, many of the important secondary figures have been neglected, including Margaret Douglas, whose life and actions had a significant impact on the period. She was in the center of events during much of the reigns of Henry VIII, Mary I, and Elizabeth I. Niece to Henry VIII, wife to Matthew Stewart, the Early of Lennox and a close claimant of throne of Scotland, she was the mother of Henry, Lord Darnley, the husband of Mary Queen of Scots. It was due to her matrimonial schemes, for example, that a law was passed under Henry VIII reserving to the sovereign the right to regulate the marriages of members of the royal family.

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