Oo, Khin

Khin Oo (pseudonym) is a graduate student in International Affairs at a major American university. A native of Burma, Khin Oo is a Phi Beta Kappa and honor’s graduate of an American college where she majored in Economics and Asian Studies. She has published articles and reviews on the Burma crisis in a variety of scholarly journals and has presented papers at several Asian Studies conferences.

Burma's Modern Tragedy
2004 0-7734-6295-3
The goal of this volume is to introduce the reader to conditions in Burma through the eyes of Burmese and foreign scholars who present a variety of perspectives of life in this noble land. This study aims at a collective portrait of the dismal reality of a suffering citizenry who if allowed to be free could be among the most creative, energetic and productive people of Asia. It also looks at the complexity of a highly heterogeneous people striving to find a collective identity amidst the chaos of savage repression.

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