Davison, Kevin G.

Dr. Kevin G. Davison is currently a Lecturer in Education, and the Research Development Coordinator, with the Department of Education at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He received his Ph.D. in Education from the School of Education at the University of South Australia.

Negotiating Masculinities and Bodies in Schools
2007 0-7734-5354-7
This book explores gender and the body in relation to the postmodern condition, challenging the stability of modernist understandings of gender and making a case for viewing gender as a pedagogical tool rather than as a threat. The research was conducted online among female-to-male transgender and gay men participants, presenting a complex methodological analysis to further question the stability of subjective gender identities. Historical moments when technology and gender have collided are considered as illustrations of the possibilities inherent in technology for renegotiating gendered identities. Further, contemporary debates about boys and academic underachievement are critically examined to illustrate how the resistance to a gender analysis may perpetuate educational inequities. This text offers the potential for building new theories to address gender gravity as a force that can be actively resisted and renegotiated as a part of everyday educational practices.

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