Baker, Kevin

Dr. Kevin Baker is Unit Chair for the MBA course of Chifley Business School at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. He completed Master’s degrees in History and Theology, and a doctorate from the University of Sydney and then taught in China for seven years. He was granted his professorship from the University of Applied Science in Bonn. Dr. Baker returned to China as a professor at Sichuan University. He has written five textbooks and 40 academic articles.

A History of the Orthodox Church in China, Korea and Japan
2006 0-7734-5886-7
This book describes the history and development of the Orthodox Church in China from its origins in 1242 A.D., its Eastern Church forebears, and its development in the other nations of North Asia – Korea and Japan.

By 1955, on the eve of its establishment as an independent entity, the Orthodox Church in China reached its greatest numbers. There were more than 100,000 communicants in former Russian territory in Manchuria, with 200 priests and 60 parishes, as well as monasteries and a seminary. Elsewhere, in China, there were another 200,000 Orthodox Christians and 150 parishes. These conservative figures mean that at that time, around 6% of Chinese Christians were adherents of the Orthodox Church.

The activities and achievements of the Orthodox Church, especially since the 17th century, have been understated in many historical studies of Christianity in China.

It is a similar story in regard to the first impact of Christianity with the cultures of Japan and Korea. Eastern Christianity came to Japan from China between the seventh and ninth centuries. There is also evidence that Eastern Christian missionaries were present in Korea during the sixth century. This book details the nature and evidence of these early activities.

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