Adamson, Kay

Dr. Kay Adamson is Senior Lecturer in Political Sociology at the University of Sunderland and a member of the Centre for Contemporary Political Issues. This is her second book and explores the story of France and Algeria begun in Algeria, study in competing ideologies (1998). She teaches about contemporary issues of nationalism and racism in Europe; and writes on migration, race and Islam in Europe as well as on France and Algeria.

Political and Economic Thought and Practice in Nineteenth-Century France and the Colonization of Algeria
2002 0-7734-7296-7
A reexamination of the place of Algeria in this history and to consider the manner in which the colonial past has seeped more generally from the conscious European memory. At the same time, contemporary race and politics in Europe can only be fully understood in conjunction with knowlege of these backgrounds and it requires that a different view of the way in which the imperialist experience has been an instrumental influence on perceptions taken.

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