Morris, Kate

About the author: Kate Morris is a Senior Lecturer in Defence Studies in the Department of War Studies, King’s College London, teaching at the Joint Services Command and Staff College. She complete her PhD in Communications Studies at the University of Le

British Techniques of Public Relations and Propaganda for Mobilizing East and Central Africa During World War II
2000 0-7734-7805-1
This monograph presents a detailed account of how the British government developed new techniques of public relations and propaganda during the Second World War and in the early post-war period to mobilize the British empire in the war effort and in a new imperial relationship of partnership. Through the efforts of the Colonial Office and Ministry of Information, they used propaganda to explain the war to populations in the empire and exhort them to maximize their war effort, and to educate the British public about imperial contributions. Propaganda was employed in the United States to combat the threat posed by American anti-imperialism. It was also used to promote racial tolerance in Britain and the empire. After the war, the long-term educative process aimed to contain the political aspirations of the Africans and white settler communities in East and Central Africa.

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