Ford, Karen M.

About the author: Karen M. Ford studied at Somerville College, Oxford, and University College, London. Since completing her PhD at the University of Manchester in 1995, she has taught political theory at the University of Warsaw in Poland, at Vidzemes University College in Latvia, and at the Universities of Leicester and Manchester in the United Kingdom.

Property, Welfare and Freedom in the Thought of Thomas Paine. A Critical Edition
2001 0-7734-7481-1
This collection of Paine’s writings focuses on his approach to economic issues, such as the development of a central bank, paper money, public debt, property and poverty, in the light of an interpretation of his political theory as a unique combination of liberal or even libertarian and republican ideas. A critical introduction places these texts in the context of Paine’s life and his overall political theory, in addition to the wider context of the development of economic thought and financial practice of the late 18th century.

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