Austin, Karen

Reality / Realidad
1992 0-7734-9175-9
Reality/Realidad is the second of Galdós' paired novels which tell the same story from two very different perspectives, and through two very different narrative structures. The first, The Unknown, was an epistolary novel. Reality, presented here in English, is wholly theatrical and dramaticized - an intriguing and, for its time (1889), very innovative, standpoint. It was later reworked into a proper drama, acclaimed by publics and critics alike.

Price: $199.95

The Unknown / La Incognita
1991 0-7734-9444-8
The Unknown (1889) is Galdós' first and only totally epistolary novel. The narrator, writing to a friend in the country, tells of Madrid's politics, society, amours, characters, and crimes, in lively, ironic, amusing style. This fresh and witty translation retains Galdós' humor and sarcasm on the society and people he knew so well.

Price: $199.95

Translation of Angel Guerra by Benito Perez Galdós
1990 0-88946-373-5
Angel Guerra is an excellent example of the great tradition of nineteenth-century realism. The translation reveals the complex interplay of Spanish history, politics, and European literary influences that characterize the many works of Galdós. The introduction investigates the philosophical influences, especially Krausism, in his realist novels, and contains a biographical sketch of the author.

Price: $379.95