Gokulsing, K. Moti

Dr. K. Moti Gokulsing is currently Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the University of East London.

New Shape of University Education in England
2007 0-7734-5268-8
This edited volume analyzes the new scheme of university funding in England and its implications for marketing, accountability, quality assurance and its concomitant objectives of access, widening participation, public service and social inclusion. While there is general agreement among the contributors that globalization, coupled with knowledge-based economies and rapid technological changes are driving university education in England to the center stage of policy making, the government’s policies of variable fees and social inclusion are unlikely to succeed.

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Selected Bibliography of Competence-Based Education and Training (cbet) Primarily Related to England and Wales Plus a Selection of Key Publications From Other Countries with Brief Annotations
1997 0-7734-8457-4
This bibliography concentrates exclusively on the emergence of the competence-based and outcomes-based model of education and training since 1985 upon which several national programs are now based. It is a selection of the more significant publications in a growing and increasingly important body of work within education and training.

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Usable Knowledges as the Goal of University Education Innovations in the Academic Enterprise Culture
1997 0-7734-8619-4
A challenging analysis of the changing role of higher education over the last three decades in Britain, taking into account the fundamental force underlying the move from an elite to a mass educational system. Themes include the changing relationship between the state and higher education; the Polytechnic legacy; new universities; university funding; marketising mass higher education; modularisation and semesterisation; the threat to academic standards; and the continuing potential of independent study.

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