Schins, Juleon M.

Juleon Schins received his PhD at the University of Amsterdam; he is presently assistant professor at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands), where he studies the behavior of electrons in polymers. He is a prolific writer on philosophical issues, and co-founder of the Dutch Interdisciplinair Studie Forum, a debating platform focusing on philosophical aspects of scientific advance.

Empirical Evidence for the Non-Material Nature of Consciousness
2004 0-7734-6557-X
A challenging work that founds a theory of knowledge on the mathematical insights of Kurt Gödel and Roger Penrose. This is a study on the dual (material and non-material) nature of consciousness. It is an answer to the tremendous problems materialism faces when trying to define consciousness, a recent phenomenon called the ‘incompleteness’ of sciences, and the philosophical urge to unify common-sense causality and quantum causality. The study also treats four examples of incompleteness (mathematics, physics, biology, and ethology) and shows that only the postulate of a non-material human mind can account for these empirical data.

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