Roberts, Jonathan

Jonathan Roberts he has an extensive history of employment in the public health profession, including officer in the United States Army Medical Service Corps and the Public Health Service; Deputy Director of the National Hansen Disease Center; Assistant Secretary of Health and Hospitals, director of the Charity Hospital System; CEO of the Earl K. Long Memorial Medical Center; and Chief Academic Officer of the Charity Hospital System of Louisiana. He earned his Ph.D. in Public Health from Tulane University.

A HISTORY OF THE CHARITY HOSPITALS OF LOUISIANA: A Study of Poverty, Politics, Public Health and the Public Interest
2010 0-7734-3886-6
This book is the first definitive, descriptive history of the Charity Hospital System of Louisiana, a story of how poverty, politics, public health, public interest, race, gender, and class, shaped the long history of one of the most storied public healthcare systems in the state and nation, to be published in a single volume. Over a period of more than 270 years, a total of ten charity hospitals were established in different venues of the state and evolved into one of the most celebrated public healthcare systems in the country.

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