Wixted, John Timothy

Japanese Scholars of China: A Bibliographical Handbook
1993 0-7734-9571-1
Japanese scholarship is of great importance for virtually every field of Chinese studies. This Handbook leads to a wealth of bibliographical and biographical information about more than 1,500 twentieth-century Japanese scholars of China. The work offers accurate readings of scholars' names, short characterizations of their areas of specialization, and indexes references to them in four other volumes. It includes as many bibliographies as possible of the work of individual Japanese China scholars, and includes hundreds of Japanese-language books and articles about them, as well as Festschriften dedicated to them. Pays special attention to English and other Western-language material about their scholarship: book-length translations, book reviews, and summaries. The Handbook has eight indexes: scholars' surnames by Chinese reading, scholars listed by field of study, scholars' western-language books; names of non-Japanese cited in volume; Chinese characters for journal titles, publishers, place of publication, phrases cited. As numerous scholars included in the Handbook are of importance to the study of Japan, Korea and other parts of Asia, the volume will benefit students of these areas as well.

Price: $299.95