Evans, John L.

About the author: John L. Evans graduated from Yale and received his PhD from UNC, Chapel Hill. He learned Russian at the Army Language School. He has been a member of the History Department of University of Central Florida - Orlando since 1972. He has travelled extensively in Russia and written several scholarly books on Russian history.

Russian Expansion on the Amur 1848-1860 the Push to the Pacific
1999 0-7734-8279-2
This study describes the Russian expansion on the Pacific Ocean and especially the occupation of the Amur River Valley in the mid 19th century. It also describes the terrible weakness of China which allowed Russia to gain free access to part of Siberia. It describes Russian diplomatic activity on the part of General Ignatiev and Count Amurskii, the Governor of Eastern Siberia, which helped to assure the success of the Russian expansion by 1860.

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