Kilgallen, John J.

Dr John J. Kilgallen is Professor Emeritus of the Biblical Institute and teaches Latin at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Chicago. Dr Kilgallen was a faculty member at Loyola University Chicago for sixteen years and at the Pontifical Biblical Institute for eighteen years. He received his S.S.D. in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome.

Brief Commentary on the Gospel of John
1992 0-7734-2346-X
This well-written, concise guide integrates the best insights in biblical research to explain essential points of this profound Gospel. A major emphasis is two-fold; to make clear the meaning of Jesus for John, and how John understands the words and deeds of Jesus to give`life to the fullest'. Also relates the Gospel to the social situations which gave rise to it. This reliable commentary will be of great use to college theology classes, bible study groups, homilists, and retreat directors.

Brief Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew
1992 0-7734-2350-8
This book explains the various contributions the Gospel makes to moral teachings, to the understanding of Jesus, to the significance of the church of Jesus, to the manner in which this church relates to the Israel from which it came, and to the Jewish scriptures. As well, the commentator draws attention to elements which distinguish it from the Gospels of Mark and Luke. This readable and coherent commentary will be of great use to college theology classes, bible study groups, homilists, and retreat directors.

Major Events in Luke's Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. Passages that are Critical to the Meaning of Other Passages and / or Luke's Entire Work
2014 0-7734-4335-8
The purpose of this present study is to explore and interpret ten passages in Luke-Acts that in my years of study and teaching have emerged for me as more important than others in Luke’s work because their significance extends far beyond their present context to affect the meaning of many other passages.
A cogent, compelling, precise, scholarly, insightful and informative exegetes on the Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles drawing certain ‘moments’ or parts, that are of extraordinary significance to Luke-Acts as a whole; exploring the meaning of each of these elements beyond its context in the narrative to imbue with meaning other parts of Luke-Acts and often the whole.