Dunstan, John

V. N. Soroka-Rosinsky (1882-1960), Soviet Teacher, in Fact and Fiction the Double Exposure of Vikniksor
1991 0-7734-9779-X
Considers the life and work of V. N. Soroka-Rosinsky, innovative Soviet teacher, educationalist, and director of the Dostoevsky School for the reeducation of homeless and delinquent but clever teenage boys, Leningrad from 1920-1925. Examines his theoretical writings and describes his activities at the Dostoevsky School. Evaluates how far the Respublika SHKID, a semi-autobiographical, semi-fictitious account of the Dostoevsky school written by two former students accurately reflects the school's life and V. N. Soroka-Rosinsky's part in it. Discusses N. K. Krupskaya and the Commissariat of Education's stance concerning the book, as well as the influence that the Respublika SHKID's eccentric caricature of Soroka-Rosinsky had on the perception of the actual man and his educational theories. Ends with a discussion of the process of Soroka-Rosinsky's recognition as an educational innovator in a changing ideological and political context and the varied prospects for the application of his ideas and experience in the future. Will be essential reading for specialists on Soviet education and its history, and of interest to comparativists in education and to students of Soviet literary culture and social history.

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